Design Examples


I did the branding, UX, and UI for ShotClock, which is a mono-tasking app for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. I love the simplicity of the design and how it helps you focus on one task at a time.



I did the branding, UX, and UI for SwiftFix, which is an on-demand iPhone repair service. I like to call it the Uber of mobile phone repair. If you crack your screen, use the app and someone will come to you and fix it. 

I designed the customer app, the technician app, and the admin backend web app that tied everything together. 



Sash is a personal personal project that I did the branding, UX, UI, and illustrations for.  This app helps you keep track of your recurring tasks in a fun, visual way.  I called it Sash because you assign a badge to each task that you make. All of you tasks/badges on your dashboard end up looking like a boy/girl scout sash. I illustrated over 100 badges to compliment the most popular recurring tasks.



I did the branding, UX, UI, and illustrations for Flutter, which is a period tracking app with an emphasis on Endometriosis Education and care. The butterfly symbolizes change, hope, and the feeling you might get when expecting a baby. Flutter's visual goal was to be fun and energetic with the use of bright, feminine color palette and hand-drawn patterns. Flutter's overall goal, including the goal of the website, was to spread awareness of Endometriosis, explain the app's benefits, and drive users to download.



I did the UX and UI for an app called BlipMe, which allows users to quickly and directly share real-time locations (blips) with each other. These blips could only be seen by the people you shared them with and were only visible for a limited amount of time. The client wanted the UX to be heavily influenced by SnapChat.